In the midst of the great vineyard region thrives an excellent brillant champagne. On the slopes of the Montagne of Reims, the tradition of the family house COUVREUR goes back to the year 1644 th.

Our vineyards cover 6.069 hectares, divided into 35 parcels in the following 1er Cru villages:

-Rilly-La-Montagne: (5.70)
-Montbré: (0.40)
-Taissy: (0.59)

The division between the three Champagne grape varieties: Pinot Noir 43%, Chardonnay 34% and Pinor Meunier 23%, gives us the flexibility to develop our Traditional and vintage blends.

Since April 2014 we are HVE-certified, as a company with high ecological value.

Through our environmentally conscious basic setting we are committed to the conservation of biodiversity, showing a responsible use of the necessary soil nutrients and a reduction of the preventive treatments of grapevines. The results of these efforts show, among other things in a very fine and balanced minerality that you can enjoy while tasting our Champagne.

Yves Couvreur